Custom Fireplace Mantels

195619The mantel, the ornamental facing around the fireplace, is an important structure of the fireplace. It is an artistic creation that sets the design and ambiance of the hearth. Today mantels can vary in both style and material, becoming the focal point of the room. From simple designs to ornate carvings, the mantel design allows the homeowner’s personality to shine through.

Wide varieties of mantels are available in marble, limestone, cast stone, travertine, wood and antique reproduction as well as authentic antique mantels. Before choosing a mantel, you must exactly know the dimension of your fireplace. This is the important factor when buying the right mantel. So, you never end up by buying the wrong size of mantel. Also, consider the concept of the mantels. A fireplace mantel is directly affected you room looks and be the focal point of the room. So, if you know what mantel is perfect for your fireplace, you will have the best mantel.

Where to Find Decorative Log Holders

However, during cold weather specifically at night it proves to be extremely tiresome and inconvenient if one has to go out into the cold to get firewood in order to keep the fire burning. Hence, this is where a log holder comes in handy. Primarily, they can be used to store firewood in a neat and space effective manner within a room.

log-holders-2-2944As mentioned prior to this, the sole purpose of a log holder is to provide convenient storage facility to its owners. However, a log holder can also add to the overall environment of a space because of the inherent decorative value in its structural design. Some people do not have functioning fireplaces and hence they have no particular use for log wood. In that case, the log holder can act as a contraption for storing flowers and other such decorative items. In essence, they have a sleek and polished outlook with a vaulted handle above in order to facilitate the transportation of the wood holder.

People who wish to acquire a product which provides utility as well as decorative value should go for the circular log crib which is a rather popular variety. Constructed from steel, the entire structure is arrayed in a circular manner and can also store large number of logs. Hence, it provides capacity as well as an aesthetic design. On the other hand, one can also invest in a straightforward sleeve log bag which can have decorative designs imprinted on it.

Fundamentally speaking, log holders can be bought from retail stores that offer fireplaces as well as accessories. They are either provided with the purchase of a fire holder or they can be bough individually solely for decorative and utility purposes. The fact that such furnishing items are small and mobile stipulates that many home improvement centers have an ample supply of log holders for prospective customers. Furthermore, every large retail outlet selling design furniture and other such accessories will usually supply wood holders. Specifically, the decorative ones can be found within stores that specialize in the supply and installment of elegant furniture.

Fireplace Screens and Accessories: Everything You Need for Your Fireplace

What is a fireplace?

The fireplace is one of the most unique and useful inventions of man. The fireplace has been around for hundreds of years and has many benefits. In the past, fireplaces were not only used for heating, but also were use for cooking. The traditional fireplace is a structure usually made of stone or iron. Within a fireplace there is a firebox, a chimney and a flue. The firebox is the location where the fire will be burning. The chimney is vertical structure that is meant to flow hot air and smoke through it. A flue is similar to a vent. It will open and close to regulate the amount of smoke and air that can get through into the chimney.

The benefits of the fireplace are abundant. It is a efficient method of heating a home on renewable resources. Fireplaces are very helpful, but they can also be dangerous. “Heating fires account for 36% of residential home fires in rural areas every year.” – USFA. The United States Fire Administration lists a few ways to keep your home safe while heating it with a fire.

Outdoor combo collage 05 11 09Keep Your Fireplace Clean

You should have your chimney cleaned and inspected every year. Make sure that you keep the area around your hearth and mantel clear of debris and flammable material. If you have a glass door, you should keep it open while the fire is burning, and you should keep it closed when the fire is out. Also, the USFA suggests that if you do not have glass doors on your fireplace, you should invest in a mesh fireplace screen.

Burn Fuels Safely

You should never use a flammable liquid to start a fire. They are very dangerous and can be hard to control. Use only seasoned hardwood to prevent a buildup of creosote. Make sure that you burn small fires that will burn completely. Never use cardboard or paper in your fireplace. Always make sure that you never leave a fire unattended. Remember to install and maintain smoke detectors throughout your home.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screens are a great way to protect your home. It will keep your hearth safe when burning a fire. It prevents dangerous burning embers from flying out of your fireplace and damaging your home. Along with protecting from embers fireplace screens prevent children or animals from getting burned. Originally, fireplace screens were just a single panel of metal that was used to dissipate the intense heat from the fireplace, and to prevent errant embers. Although the purpose of the fireplace screen has not changed, the look of them has. Now, fireplace screens are made from numerous types of materials. Also, there are various size, structure and designs. Fireplace screens have been incorporated into modern day decorating. With the variety of colors and designs, they and firewood carrier, have become increasingly popular.

Fireplace Accessories

There are a number of other fireplace accessories that people use. A fireplace toolset is a common accessory. A toolset typically includes a fire poke, a brush, an ash shovel and tongs. These tools play vital part in cleaning and maintaining your fireplace. Most fireplaces come with a fire grate. This is a metal frame.